domingo, marzo 01, 2009

Black Countess - Blood, Desire and Dead Nenuphars

Xx.Black Countess - Blood, Desire and Dead Nenuphars[2000].xX
1.Female Masturbation For My Ill-Natured Pleasure01:13
2.Lesbian Moon03:57
3.Lustful Embrace Of Whore06:13
4.The Portrait08:28
5.Nocturnal Episode01:21
6.Vestal Part I (Flame Between Her Thighs)05:51
7.Princess With Mermaid's Soul04:16
8.Vestal Part II (Blood Between Her Thighs)02:35
9.Black Countess' Erotic Poetry07:41
Total playing time41:35
Pais: Russia
Genero: Black, Doom/Gothic metal

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