viernes, agosto 28, 2009

L'Âme Immortelle- Durch Fremde Hand

L'Âme Immortelle- Durch Fremde Hand.2008


01. Vergessen (Die Namenlosen von Berlin by Uebermutter)
02. 1000 Voices (Echoes Of A Thousand Voices Covered By ASP)
03. Behind The Light (Beautiful Light Remix By Bella Donna)
04. Bleib (Plastic Remix By Dope Stars Inc.)
05. Requiem (Satya Yuga Remix By Affentanz)
06. Lost (Pin-Up Remix By XPQ-21)
07. Blutrot (Quiet Heart Remix By Necessary Response)
08. Reborn (Hardcore Remix By Las Vegas 909)
09. Es tut mir leid (Entschuldigung Remix By Grendel)
10. Niemals (Club Remix By Wynardtage)
11. Jenseits Der Schatten (Void Remix By Monozelle)
12. The Cleansing (Voidian Cleansing Remix By Beyond The Void)
13. Namenlos (Drifting Downwards Remix by Perfidious Words)


01. Durch fremde Hand
02. Ophelia
03. Das kuhle Grab
04. Suffocating Endlessly
05. Ein Blick zuruck
06. Now You're Gone

Genero: Electro goth rock industrial ¿? 

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