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Love Lies Eternal - Never Ends

Love Lies Eternal - Never Ends.1996

Tracks 11-14 are bonus on the first transparent jewel box printing.
1.Angels of the Seventh Dawn04:00
2.Secret Sin03:15
4.Waltz of Dead05:08
5.To Be Dead04:36
6.Dance with Me04:35
7.(as sweet as your) Revenge04:04
8.Dusk (at the lake)04:23
9.Love Lies Eternal03:59
10.Dreams Land05:27
11.No Heartbeat (demo version)04:47
12.My Dying One (demo version)05:02
13.Waltz of Dead (ballroom version)04:52
Total playing time01:02:51

Genero: Gothic/Doom Metal
Pais:Portugal (Matosinhos,Porto)

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Interesting vocals! Thanks

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reupload please