viernes, mayo 29, 2009

Your Shapeless Beauty - Sycamore Grove

Your Shapeless Beauty - Sycamore Grove.1999

1.Prélude n°3 (Instrumental)01:32
2.Le berceau de l`ange (Nocturnal call part III)07:06
3.The Awakening (Instrumental)02:16
4.On the Wings of the Black Rain06:20
5.Equinoctial Desires01:55
6.An orchid in my belfry (Nocturnal call part II)06:26
7.Last Ember from the Past (Instrumental)04:11
8.Goddess of Lust10:18
9.Récital pour une agonie céleste08:15
10.Deities in the Dew07:03
11.Empyreal Dispair06:38
Total playing time01:02:00

Pais: Francia
Genero: Doom/Gothic Metal

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