jueves, febrero 05, 2009

Sentenced - The Funeral Album

Xx.Sentenced - The Funeral Album[2005].xX

1.May Today Become the Day04:01
3.We Are but Falling Leaves04:29
4.Her Last 5 Minutes05:41
5.Where Waters Fall Frozen00:59
6.Despair-Ridden Hearts03:41
7.Vengeance Is Mine04:16
8.A Long Way to Nowhere03:27
9.Consider Us Dead04:52
10.Lower the Flags03:34
11.Drain Me04:34
13.End of the Road05:01
Total playing time49:53

Genero: Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (mid), Gothic Metal (late)
Pais: Finlandia (Oulu)

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