miércoles, febrero 04, 2009

Reflexion - Dead To The Past, Blind For Tomorrow

Xx.Reflexion - Dead To The Past, Blind For Tomorrow[2008].xX

1.Non-stop Glorious Ride03:33
2.Embrace of Wrath04:22
3.Twilight Child03:27
4.Dancing in the Air02:54
5.Dead Without You03:09
6.Weak and Tired04:02
7.Black is the Colour of Your Life03:31
8.The One With No Name04:18
9.Forever Got Too Long02:56
10.The Thousand Nails in My Heart03:16
11.Just One Word (Goodbye)04:40
Total playing time40:08

Genero: Gothic Metal/Modern Hard Rock
Pais: Finlandia (Oulu)

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