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After Forever - Mea Culpa [Best of Compilation]

Xx.After Forever - Mea Culpa[Best of Compilation][2006].xX

Disc 1
1.Mea Culpa (A-Capella Version)01:50
2.Follow In The Cry04:05
3.Yield To Temptation05:53
4.Silence From Afar05:54
5.Wings Of Illusion (Non-Album Track)07:23
6.Beyond Me (With Sharon Den Adel)(Gruntless Version)06:12
7.Forlorn Hope06:23
8.For The Time Being (Non-Album Track)05:06
9.Imperfect Tenses (With Damian Wilson)04:11
10.Monolith Of Doubt (Single Version)03:33
13.My Pledge Of Allegiance06:28
14.Who Wants To Live Forever (Non-Album Track) (With Damian Wilson/Arjen Lucassen)07:19
Disc 2
1.Evil That Men Do (Single Version)03:20
2.Glorifying Means05:02
3.My Choice (Acoustic Version)04:03
5.Digital Deceit (Single Version)04:09
6.Two Sides (Single Version)03:17
7.Sins Of Idealism (Single Version)04:12
8.Eccentric (Orchestral Version)04:36
9.Life's Vortex (Previously Unreleased) (Single Version)04:37
10.Blind Pain (Aggressive Version)04:18
11.Being Everyone (Single Version)03:10
12.Face Your Demons (Single Version) (With Marco Hietala)05:01
13.Taste The Day (Remagine) (Non-Album Track)02:56
14.Boundaries Are Open (Single Version)03:30
16.Attendance (Previously Unreleased) (Industrial Remix)03:04
17.Live & Learn (Non-Album Track)04:25
18.Strong (Piano Version)06:13
Total playing time02:31:22

Genero:Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Pais: Holanda

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