domingo, abril 13, 2008

The Vision Bleak

Genero: Gothic Metal
Pais: Germany (Mellrichstadt/Bayern)
Formed: 2000
Disquera: Prophecy Productions
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Horror movies and literature

Line Up:

Ulf Theodor Schwadorf (Markus Stock) - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards (Empyrium, ex-Autumnblaze, Sun of the Sleepless, Noekk, Nachtmahr, Nox Mortis (Guest))
Allen B. Konstanz (Tobias Sch�nemann) - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards (ex-Asgaia, Ewigheim, ex-Nox Mortis)
+ live session members


Songs of Good Taste Demo 2002
The Vision Bleak Single 2003
The Deathship Has A New Captain 2004

Carpathia Single 2005
Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem 2005

Club Single Single 2007
The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey 2007

The Vision Bleak
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