viernes, abril 25, 2008


Tenochtitlan is a virtual project because all musicians live in different towns and are involved in other projects of their own.
Their song ``The Hymn of Huitzilopochtli`` was included in the Compilation 2005.

Genero:Doom Metal / Ethnic Ambient
Pais: Russia
Formed: 2004
Disquera: Metalism Records
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): The greatness of Maya, Aztec & Inca civilizations

Line Up:
Senmuth - growling, music, guitars, programming, concept (neNasty, Bitrayer)
Eresh - clear voice, music
Brutal Harry - music, programming
Lefthander - growling, music, concept (Lamia Phantasma, Fatal Rampage, Raxa, Sea of Desperation, Groves in Mist)
Johny Ratsen - female vocals

Epoch of the Fifth Sun Full-length, 2005

Chac Och-Ut Full-length, 2006

Teokalli EP, 2006
Tezcatl Full-length, 2007


The Official Tenochtitlan MySpace Profile

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