viernes, marzo 07, 2008

Asphyx - Asphyx

Xx.Asphyx - Asphyx{1994}.xX

1.Prelude Of The Unhonoured Funeral03:54
2.Depths Of Eternity07:03
3.Emperors Of Salvation05:00
4.'Til Death Do Us Apart06:18
5.Initiation Into The Ossuary09:50
6.Incarcerated Chimaeras05:03
7.Abomination Echoes02:44
8.Back Into Eternity06:44
9.Valleys In Oblivion07:16
10.Thoughts Of An Atheist05:24
Total playing time59:16

Genero: Death / Doom Metal
Pais: Netherlands (Oldenzaal/Overijssel)

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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