jueves, enero 24, 2008

Enslavement of Beauty - Megalomania

Xx.Enslavement of Beauty - Megalomania{2001}.xX

1.Dainty Delusive Doll04:04
2.The Venial Blur03:22
3.Late Night, Red Wine Blight04:10
4.Malignant Midwinter Murders04:18
5.Comme Il Faut04:48
6.Benign Bohemian Brilliance03:52
7.Prudence Kept Her Purity03:33
8.Seven Dead Orchids03:05
9.The Dying Buds of May04:52
10.Fifteen Minutes05:36
11.Ye That Tempteth, Ye That Bequeth03:59
13.Tangled in Grand Affection03:41
14.Crowd of Mourners03:52
Total playing time56:22

Genero: Melodic Black / Gothic Metal
Pais: Norway (Oslo)

Contraseña: Undegroundchazz

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