jueves, enero 24, 2008

Enslavement of Beauty - Traces O' Red

Xx.Enslavement of Beauty - Traces O' Red{1999}.xX

1.In Thro' the Cave of Impressions01:29
2.Traces o' Red - The Fall and Rise of Vitality04:30
3.Be Thou My Lethe and Bleeding Quietus04:31
5.Something Unique04:14
6.The Poem of Dark Subconscious Desire05:05
7.Eerily Seductive04:32
8.My Irreverent Pilgrimage04:14
9.And Still I Wither05:14
10.I Dedicate My Beauty to the Stars11:09
Total playing time49:23

Genero: Melodic Black / Gothic Metal
Pais: Norway (Oslo)

Contraseña: Undegroundchazz

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