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Genero: Gothic Doom Metal

Pais: Sweden (Säffle)
Formado en: 1994
Disquera: Napalm Records
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Anti-religion, death, depression, love, sorrow

Line Up:

Anders Jacobsson - vocals (ex-Measureless)
Lisa Johansson - vocals (Shadowgarden)
Johan Ericson - guitar (drums at first) (Doom:VS, Shadowgarden)
Daniel Arvidsson - guitar (Nibdem, Scorched)
Fredrik Johansson - bass
Jerry Torstensson - drums (Shadowgarden)


Where Lovers Mourn {2003}
Arcane Rain Fell {2005}
The Burning Halo {2006}
Turning Season Within {2008}

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