jueves, enero 31, 2008

Aesma Daeva

Genero: Operatic Symphonic Metal

Pais: USA (St. Paul, MN)
Formado en: 1996
Disquera: Root Of All Evil
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Ancient Times, Mythologies, Darkness and Beauty

Line Up:

Lori Lewis - Vocals (Therion (Swe) (tour vocalist))
John Prassas - Composition & Guitar
Chris Quinn - Bass & Cello
Earl Root - Guitar
Tim Klatt - Drums


Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water {1999}
The Eros Of Frigid Beauty {2002}
The New Athens Ethos {2003}
Dawn of the New Athens {2007}

Official site
Aesma Daeva at Myspace.com

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