viernes, diciembre 14, 2007

My Dying Bride

Genero: Death/Doom Metal, Gothic Metal

Pais: United Kingdom (Halifax, West Yorkshire)
Formado en: 1990
Disquera: Peaceville Records
Status: Active

Line Up:

Aaron Stainthorpe - Vocals (1990-)
Andrew Craighan - Guitar (1990-) (ex-Abiosis)
Hamish Hamilton Glencross - Guitar (2000-) (ex-Solstice (UK), ex-Seer's Tear)
Sarah Stanton - Keyboards (2003-)
Lena Abé - Bass (2007-)
Dan ``Storm`` Mullins - Drums (2007-) (ex-Thine, ex-Sermon of Hypocrisy, Kryokill, ex-Bal-Sagoth, The Axis of Perdition, Epitaph (UK), Code (session), The Enchanted)


As the Flower Withers {1992}
Turn Loose the Swans{1993}
The Angel and The Dark River {1995}
Like Gods of the Sun{1996}
34.788%... Complete {1998}
The Light at the End of the World {1999}
The Dreadful Hours {2001}
Songs of Darkness, Words of Light {2004}
A Line of Deathless Kings {2006}

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