jueves, diciembre 13, 2007

My Dying Bride

Xx.My Dying Bride - Songs of Darkness, Words of Light{2004}.xX

1.The Wreckage Of My Flesh {08:45}
2.The Scarlet Garden {07:50}
3.Catherine Blake {06:32}
4.My Wine In Silence {05:53}
5.The Prize Of Beauty {08:02}
6.The Blue Lotus {06:33}
7.And My Fury Stands Ready {07:45}
8.A Doomed Lover {07:54}
Total playing time {59:14}

Genero: Death/Doom, Metal Gothic Metal
Pais: United Kingdom (Halifax, West Yorkshire)

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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