martes, julio 14, 2009

Your Shapeless Beauty - Terrorisme Spirituel

Your Shapeless Beauty - Terrorisme Spirituel.2001

1.Indulgence Aveugle08:04
2.Le chant des bannis (Version 2000) (Nocturnal call part I)05:36
3.The Forthcoming Answer (version 2000)07:18
4.An Orchid in My Belfry (Nocturnal call part II, live-version)06:28
5.Le chant des bannis (Nocturnal call part I, live-version)05:39
6.Rotten Love (Live-version)08:55
7.On the Wings of the Black Rain (Live-version)06:26
8.Dark Retaliations (Live-version)04:59
Total playing time53:25
Pais: Francia
Genero: Doom/Gothic Metal

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