domingo, julio 05, 2009

Anathema - A Vision Of A Dying Embrace [DVD]

Anathema - A Vision Of A Dying Embrace-[DVD].2002

This DVD is a re-issue of the VHS released in 1996 with the same name

1.Sweet Tears*04:22
2.Mine Is Yours*04:32
3.The Silent Enigma*04:22
5.Intro (live)01:17
6.Restless Oblivion (live)07:47
7.Shroud Of Frost (live)07:15
8.We The Gods (live)06:12
9.Sunset Of Age (live)06:44
10.Mine Is Yours (live)05:04
11.Sleepless (live)04:02
12.The Silent Enigma (live)04:02
13.A Dying Wish (live)10:28
Total playing time01:10:45

Genero: Doom/Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Rock (later)
Pais: Reino Unido

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