viernes, abril 10, 2009

Tarja - The Seer[Ep]

Xx.Tarja - The Seer[Ep][2008].xX

1.The Seer (feat. Doro)04:17
2.Lost Northern Star (Lost Northern Pain Remix)04:35
3.The Reign (Score Mix)04:47
4.Die Alive (Alternative Version)04:08
5.Boy And The Ghost (Alternative Version)04:15
6.Calling Grace (Full Version) (feat. Kiko Loureiro)03:18
7.Lost Northern Star (Ambience Sub Low Mix)04:56
8.Damned And Divine (Live In Finland)05:45
9.You Would Have Loved This (Live In Finland)04:08
10.Our Great Divide (Live In Finland)05:16
11.Ciaran's Well (Live In Finland)

Genero: Symphonic / Gothic Metal
Pais: Finland (Kitee)

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