viernes, abril 03, 2009

In Strict Confidence - Holy

In Strict Confidence

1. Eye Of Heaven
2. Seven Lives
3. Babylon
4. Closing Eyes
5. Heal Me
6. Emergency
7. Another Night
8. No Love Will Heal
9. The Darkest Corridors
10. Sleepless
11. Alpha Centauri


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Andrea dijo...

Hola ! Oye el link me marca el siguiente error:
"This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked. After the file has been blocked for 7 days it will automatically be deleted, if the block is not removed by RapidShare. For this reason, a download of this file is currently not possible. "

lo podrias volver a subir ?

gracias !

Fendriz dijo...

Ok, lo vuelvo a subir

Fendriz dijo...

Listo: Resubido