martes, octubre 07, 2008

Lacrimas Profundere - Songs for the Last View[LIMITED EDITION]

Xx.Lacrimas Profundere - Songs for the Last View[2008][Limited Edition].xX

1.The Last View00:57
2.A Pearl03:01
3.The Shadow I Once Kissed03:23
5.We Shouldn't Be Here03:33
6.And God's Ocean05:37
7.Suicide Sun03:54
8.Dear Amy03:03
9.A Dead Man03:59
10.Sacrificial Lamb05:13
11.Lullaby for a Weeping Girl03:32
Total playing time44:10

Bonus tracks on limited edition:
13. Burn
14. The Beauty of Who You Are
15. The Shadow I Once Kissed (alternate version)
16. Sweet Letter C

The limited edition also comes with a bonus CD:
1. A Pearl (music video)
2. A Pearl (the making of the video)
3. Songs for the Last View (tour movie)
4. live footage

Pais:Alemania (Waging am See)
Genero:Gothic Metal

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz
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