viernes, agosto 01, 2008

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy - Themes

Xx.Silent Stream of Godless Elegy - Themes{2000}.xX

1.Lovin' on the Earth04:07
2.We Shall Go03:45
3.My Friend Who Doesn't Exist05:53
4.Theme I01:27
5.In Bone Frames07:20
6.Theme II00:37
7.Flowers Fade Away03:23
8.Eternal Cry of Glory03:37
9.Theme III00:50
10.II TSOHG05:49
11.Winter Queen04:53
12.Hrob (The Grave)06:59
Total playing time48:40

Pais: Czech Republic (Hranice Na Morav�)
Genero: Doom / Folk Metal

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