jueves, julio 31, 2008

Mirror of Deception

Genero: Doom Metal
Pais: Germany (Esslingen, Baden-W�rttemberg)
Formed: 1990
Disquera: Cyclone Empire
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Sadness, Longing, Loneliness

Line Up:

Michael Siffermann - Vocals, guitars
Jochen Fopp - Guitars
Andreas Taller - Bass
Jochen M�ller - Drums


Mirror Of Deception Demo 1993
Words Unspoken Demo 1994
Cease Demo 1996
Veil of Lead Demo 1996
The Float Sessions Demo 1997
Veil of Lead EP 1997
Past & Present Best of/Compilation 2001
Mirrorsoil 2001
Conversion EP 2003
Worldsend Session Demo 2004
Foregone 2004

Shards 2006
Mirror Of Deception / Tefra Split 2008

Official Mirror of Deception website
MoD at MySpace.com

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