lunes, julio 28, 2008

Grimfaith - Grime

X.Grimfaith - Grime[2008].xX
1.Saint Demonic Smile or Sex in Heaven06:39
2.Vampire to Become03:52
3.Funeral of Last Hope06:00
4.Ruins of My Heart05:28
5.The Faith of Grim04:56
6.Weird Poetry by Jack00:44
7.Jack is Back05:52
8.Guttiere (Secret of the Sea)04:39
9.Spinalonga (Leprosy Isle)06:53
10.In Lust (Poisonblack cover)05:19
Total playing time50:22

Género:Gothic/Doom Metal
País:Finlandia Ukrania (Kyyiv)

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