domingo, julio 06, 2008

Dawn of Winter - Doomcult Performance

Xx.Dawn of Winter - Doomcult Performance{2003}.xX

1.Celebrate the Agony04:23
2.Ritual Magic04:34
3.Sweet Dark Misery03:49
4.Dawn of the Autumn Frost04:55
5.Black Revelations05:35
6.Destroy the World04:45
7.Birthday Depression02:34
8.Awaken in the Ashes03:41
9.The Witchfinder02:30
10.Elegy of Pain05:14
11.The Poet Sleeps Forever07:46
Total playing time49:46

Pais: Germany (Ludwigsburg/Remseck, Baden-W�rttemberg)
Genero: Doom Metal

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