miércoles, julio 16, 2008

Blazing Eternity

Genero: Atmospheric Doom Metal
Pais: Denmark (Copenhagen)
Formed: 1993
Disquera: Prophecy Productions
Status: On hold
Lyrical theme(s): Death.Fire.Darkness

Line Up:

Peter T. Mesnickow (Nattevogter PTM) - vocals
Morten Sauron Lybecker - guitars
Lars Korsholm - drums
Anders I. Kristiansen - Bass

And session members courtesy from Saturnus:

Kim Larsen - guitars (ex-Saturnus, The Loveless, Of the Wand and the Moon)
Anders Ro Nielsen - keyboards


Over Sorte Heder Demo 1996
Promotional tape 1/97 Demo 1997
Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterboge Demo 1998

Times And Unknown Waters 2000
A World To Drown In 2003

Blazing Eternity @ Archive.org (1999-2001)
Blazing Eternity at Prophecy

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