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Genre: Genre(s) Gothic Metal
Country: Belgica(Diest, Vlaams Brabant)
Formed: 1995
Label: Karmageddon Records
Status: They change name for "Satyrian."

Line Up:
Jan Yrlund - guitars, programming (ex-Ancient Rites, Imperia, Angel (Hol), ex-Prestige, Two Witches, Lacrimosa, Delain, Satyrian)
Davy Wouters - Keyboards (Ancient Rites, Oblivion (Bel))
Milos Maricevic - Bass (Satyrian)
Merijn Mol - drums, percussion (Satyrian)
Oliver Philipps - piano, orchestrations
Roman Schönsee - vocals (Pyogenesis)
Kemi Vita- vocals (The Bloodline)
Judith “Ciara” Stüber - vocals (Satyrian)


Totentanz , 1998
Eva , 2001
Matters of the Heart EP, 2002

Danse Macabre @ Myspace
New Satyrian Website
Danse Macabre

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