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Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany (Schwarzenfeld
Formed: 1997
Label: Lifeforce Records
Status: Active

Line Up:

Johannes Prem - (Vocalista)
Sebastian Reichl -(Guitarra)
Gert Rymen - (Guitarra)
Thomas Huschka - (Bajo)
Tobias Graf - (Batería)
Sabine Weniger - (Vocalista) Comienza a cantar más desde el album Earth.Revolt
antes participaba más tocando los teclados.


Deadlock Single, 1999
I'll Wake You...When Spring Awakes EP, 2000
The Arrival Full-length, 2002
Deadlock vs. Six Reasons to Kill Split, 2003
Earth.Revolt Full-length, 2005
Wolves Full-length, 2007

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¡Ah! ¡Que altura abrasadora! ¡Ah! ¡Mis pies de fuego! ¡Mis candentes pies de fuego! ... "El Wendigo" Algernon Blackwood.

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dystralte dijo...

Thank you for turning me on to some really great music. I have been browsing your site for a while now and am amazed by a lot of the bands on your site I have never heard of, or know very little about. Thanks for sharing.

Wendigo dijo...

Thank you to you too for visiting our website, an keep supporting this bands and music.