miércoles, abril 02, 2008

Within Temptation NEWS!!

Este noticia extraida de la pagina oficial de Within Temptation, que mal, nos faltara alguien en esl show...
El link por si lo quieren ver http://www.within-temptation.com/en/index.php?c=news&command=show_item&id=77

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Robert wont go on the South-American tour. The reason is that we havent been able to find a proper babysitter for the duration of the tour and that we are also unable to take her with us on this tour. We have tried till the last moment to find a solution but despite the fact that we always found one in the past, this time we couldnt.

However the rest of the band will make sure you won't miss a thing, cause they will play songs rock your ass twice as heard and will make sure this first South-American tour will be a memorable one!!!

Just leaves us to say...Embrasos de Roberto y mucho gusto con los primeros conciertos de Within Temptation en América del Sur!

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