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Genero: Doom/Death Metal, Depressive Rock
Pais: Sweden (Avesta)
Formed: 1987
Disquera: Peaceville Records
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Depression, death, suicide, crime

Line Up:

Jonas Renkse (Lord Seth) - Vocals, programming (drums until 1998, and occasionally guitars and keyboards) (Bloodbath (Swe), October Tide)
Anders Nystr�m (Blackheim) - Guitar, programming, backing vocals (formerly also bass and keyboards) (Bloodbath (Swe), Diabolical Masquerade, ex-Bewitched (Swe))
Fredrik Norrman - Guitar (formerly also bass) (ex-Uncanny (Swe), ex-October Tide, ex-Fulmination)
Mattias Norrman - Bass (Dellamorte, ex-Moondark, Interment (Swe))
Daniel Liljekvist - Drums, backing vocals (Komotio)


Rehearsal Demo 1991
Jhva Elohim Meth Demo 1992
Rehearsal 92 Demo 1992
Dance of December Souls 1993

Jhva Elohim Meth... the Revival EP 1993

For Funerals to Come EP 1995

Primordial / Katatonia Split 1996
Brave Murder Day 1996

Katatonia/Hades Split 1996
Sounds of Decay EP 1997

Saw You Drown EP 1998

Discouraged Ones 1998

Tonight's Decision 1999

Teargas EP 2001

Last Fair Deal Gone Down 2001

Tonight's Music EP 2001

Ghost of the Sun Single 2003
Viva Emptiness 2003

Brave Yester Days Best of/Compilation 2004

The Black Sessions Best of/Compilation 2005

My Twin 2006

The Great Cold Distance 2006

Deliberation Single 2006

July Single 2007
Live Consternation Live album 2007

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Katatonia @ Purevolume
Katatonia @ MySpace
Katatonia @ Black Lodge
Katatonia @ Peaceville
Katatonia @ Youtube

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