miércoles, abril 09, 2008

Galadriel - World Under World

Xx.Galadriel - World Under World[2004].xX
1.Under The Wings Of The Fallen One05:46
2.The End Of Eternity05:54
3.Imaginary Sins03:34
4.The Fall00:50
5.Bleeding Heart's Poetry05:12
6.I Closed Your Book04:48
7.Noxius Humanity04:30
8.Insanity And Suffering04:20
9.Sex In The Underworld02:51
10.The Grave Is The Last06:20
Total playing time44:23

Pais: Eslovakia (Bratislava)
Genero: Dark Doom Metal

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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