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Genero: Funeral Doom/Death/Gothic Metal (early) - Melodic Doom/Death Metal (now)
Pais: Noruega
Formed: 1991
Disquera: Tabu Records
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Loneliness, sadness, doom

Line Up:
Frode Forsmo - Vocals, Bass (Minas Tirith (Nor))
Mats Lerberg - Guitars,Vocals
Erlend E.Nybø - Guitars (Silent Vanquish)
Andres Eek - Drums (Fallen (Nor), ex-Myrkskog, Odium (Nor), Glittertind, The Flesh)

Jon Borgerud - Keyboard (Session Member)


Tristesse Demo, 1993
Tristesse Full-length, 1994

Beyond All Sunsets Demo, 1994
Tragedies Full-length, 1995

Demo '97 Demo, 1997
Demo '99 Demo, 1999
In Fields of Pestilent Grief Full-length, 2002

From These Wounds Full-length, 2006

Funeral @ Myspace
New Official Funeral Page

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