sábado, abril 19, 2008

Elexorien - Elexorien

Xx.Elexorien - Elexorien{2007}.xX

1.A Call To Arms01:31
2.The Curse05:09
3.Set In Stone04:45
4.Rising Of The Storm03:33
6.The Serpent Strikes At Sunstone Hill - Part I01:57
7.Dryads and Trolls04:35
8.The Serpent Strikes At Sunstone Hill - Part II04:05
9.The Disciple Of The Night Under A Starless Sky05:09
10.Running With The Wolves Of War04:17
Total playing time40:37

Pais: Netherlands (Groningen)
Genero: Folk / Viking Metal

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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