domingo, marzo 23, 2008

Valkiria- Of Dreams and Pain

Xx.Valkiria- Of Dreams and Pain[2007].xX
1.Falling into the Dream04:32
2.Inside the Dream05:31
3.Of Dreams and Pain03:53
4.Trapped in a Dream03:51
5.Dreaming Happiness03:54
7.Dreaming Another Reality03:55
8.Dream Illusion04:56
9.Mystical Dream04:09
10.The End of a Dream05:04
11.Following the Dream04:22
12.The Dreams Will Cure Me03:11
13.The Last Dream05:08
Total playing time56:41

Pais: Italia (Potenza)
Genero: Black Metal (early) - Dark Epic/Gothic Metal (now)

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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