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Chaostar - Chaostar

En este tipo de bandas estos datos son necesarios por lomenos para los realmente interesados.

Line up Vocals:
Chris Antoniou (Samplers)
Natalie Rassoulis (Vocals)
Spiros Antoniou (Vocals)
Sotiris Vayenas (Vocals)

Music composed and Orchestrated by Christos Antoniou
Lyrics by Sotiris Vayenas
Latin texts taken by Requiem Mass (Dies Irae, Confutatis, Liber Scriptus)
all the other Latin texts by Christos Antoniou.

Xx.Chaostar - Chaostar[2000].xX
1.Project Atom Traveller04:44
2.An Electric Storm of Thoughts05:15
3.No Gravity06:21
4.The Field of Ante Cun07:47
5.The Accident In Ambere05:46
6.Time Was Running Out04:56
7.The First Meeting06:28
Total playing time44:31

Ambient/Atmospheric Darkwave/Neo-Classical Music
Genero: Grecia (Athens)

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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