lunes, marzo 03, 2008

Abyssaria - All The Dying On Earth

Xx.Abyssaria - All The Dying On Earth[2001].xX
1.Ghosts Of Silence05:46
2.Symbols Of My Universe05:45
3.All The Dying On Earth04:49
4.Until Darkness Do Us Unite04:32
5.Her Painful Dreams Of Suicide05:31
6.Elysian Fields Of Anathemised Entities03:44
7.The Everlasting Fire05:09
8.The Incessant Fall Of Mankind06:39
9.Awaiting The End [Instrumental]03:10
Total playing time45:05

Genero:Gothic Black Metal
Pais: Alemania (Dormagen)

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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