jueves, enero 03, 2008

Soulgrind - Ladit A.D. 1999: Bihttpotb

Xx.Soulgrind - Ladit A.D. 1999: Bihttpotb[1995].xX
1.Introitus Nostradamus00:55
2.Black Orchid08:13
3.Darkseed Lust06:55
4.As Shadows Whisper the Shine07:16
5.Shamanic Extacy07:04
6.Elämän Kierre07:46
7.The Pandemonium of the Bizarre06:18
8.Immortal Desire11:02
9.Industrial Holocaust (inferia)05:31
10.The End of All09:23
Total playing time01:10:23

Pais: Finlandia (Helsinki)
Genero: Gothic/Black Metal

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