jueves, enero 03, 2008

Siebenbürgen-Darker Designs & Images

Xx.Siebenbürgen - Darker Designs & Images[2005].xX
1.Darker Designs01:35
3.As Legion Rise04:00
4.A Crimson Coronation04:53
6.Born Under a Black Sun05:22
7.Of Blood and Magic03:26
8.Remnants of Ruin04:34
9.Harvest for the Devil05:15
10.Forged in Flames05:09
11.Summoner of the Unseen *03:29
12.A Nights Eternity **04:30
13.Ut Ur Graven **03:56
Total playing time55:03

Genero: Melodic Black Metal (old), Gothic Metal (now)
Pais: Suecia

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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