jueves, abril 30, 2009

Novembre - Wish I Could Dream it Again


Xx.Novembre - Wish I Could Dream it Again[1994].xX

1.The Dream Of The Old Boats05:31
2.Novembre / Its Blood06:44
3.Night / At Once04:13
4.Let Me Hate03:05
5.Sirens In Filth05:49
6.Swim Seagull In The Sky07:39
7.The Music03:59
8.Nostalgia / Its Gaze06:10
9.Behind My Window / My Seas Of South05:18
10.Old Lighthouse Tale05:02
11.The White Eyed05:34
12.Neanderthal Sands03:43
Total playing time01:04:48

Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Pais: Italia (Rome)

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