jueves, enero 10, 2008

Agathodaimon - Higher Art of Rebellion

Xx.Agathodaimon - Higher Art of Rebellion[1999].xX
1.Ne Cheama Pamintul05:36
2.Tongue of Thorns04:36
3.Glasul Artei Viitoare08:38
4.When She Is Mute04:04
5.A Death in Its' Plenitude04:59
6.Body of Clay05:03
7.Novus Ordo Seclorum06:05
8.Back into the Shadows06:39
9.Les Posédes04:45
11.Heaven’s Coffin05:09
12.Ribbons / Requiem ‘99 (bonus track)06:49
13.Body of Clay (remix) (bonus track)04:29
Total playing time01:13:04

Pais: Alemania (Mainz/Rheinland-Pfalz)
Genero: Symphonic Black Metal (early) Gothic Metal (now)


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