domingo, diciembre 30, 2007

Type O Negative

Genero: Gothic Metal w/ alternative, doom and other influences

Pais: USA (Brooklyn, NY)
Formado en: 1988
Disquera: SPV/Steamhammer
Status: Active
Lyrical theme(s): Depression, Death, Relationships, Love, Dark Humor

Line Up:

Peter Steele (Peter Ratajczyk) - Bass, vocals, additional guitar and keyboards (Carnivore, Aggression, Fallout, Iommi as guest)
Kenny Hickey - Guitar, backing vocals (Danzig, Seventh Void)
Johnny Kelly - Drums, backing vocals (Danzig, Seventh Void)
Josh Silver - Keyboards, backing vocals (ex-Fallout, Aggression, ex-Original Sin)


Slow, Deep and Hard {1991}
The Origin of the Feces {1992}
Bloody Kisses {1993}
October Rust {1996}
World Coming Down {1999}
Life Is Killing Me {2003}
Dead Again {2007}

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