miércoles, octubre 03, 2007

Dark Princess - Without You

>>>.Dark Princess - Without You{2005}.<<<

1.Yearning For The Sun{04:31}
2.Living In Me{04:06}
3.Lost Sunrise{03:13}
4.The Skin Of The Universe{03:50}
5.Reach The Sky{04:11}
6.Let Me Go{04:39}
7.Without You{04:38}
8.Taste Of Shame{04:03}
9.The Game{03:30}
10.My Fragile Winter Dream{06:06}
11.My Fragile Winter Dream (Acoustic Version){04:28}
Total playing time{47:15}

Pais:Russia (Moscow)
Genero:Gothic Metal

Contraseña/PASS: Undegroundchazz

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